The Centre's fully serviced office space provides the ideal short or long-term office solution for Mayfair businesses who want to consolidate yet remain flexible.

Whilst Mayfair has a strong association with hedge funds and private equity groups, these are by no means the only businesses who are attracted to Mayfair's excellent buildings, smart squares and classy shops. Smarter-thinking start-up companies and businesses that wish to relocate or establish a London presence, are increasingly turning to utilising serviced offices in Mayfair.

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Revenues for these types of  come from the interests earned on mortgage loans. Because multiple investments like these can be difficult to handle or manage, most decide to outsource the private fund services and equity officesolutions of a third-party fund administrator with specialized skills. They hire companies that not only offer traditional services but also companies that have significant real estate finance domain expertise. For discussion purposes, I'll focus on an embryonic software company. In a manufacturing business, you'll need to raise more money to fund manufacturing in the ramp-up phase.

 The wisdom is particularly relevant during challenging economic times. The financial world is rocked by announcements regarding AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Lehman Brothers. You may have some power over your travel arrangements, but limited personal power over the price of fuel. You may have power over the stock or retirement funds that you have selected, but limited personal power over Wall Street. You have some power over the decision to buy or sell your home, but limited personal power over the housing market values. Did you invest in stocks when the market was rising? More than likely, you watched them grow, and you watched them decline.